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IslandGirlMusic - Erin Hart

Hi everyone! I am Erin Hart of IslandGirlMusic. In 2009, I moved to an island I’d never seen with a person I’d never met (one of the many epic tales you can read about in the magazine). Every day since has been an adventure!  Over more than a decade I’ve built a successful career as a full-time artist, while soaking in all that life has to offer on (and off) the tiny island of St. John.

has been my mantra
since arriving in the US Virgin Islands.
Over time it evolved into a lifestyle.
And now it’s expanded into a brand,
complete with magazine and merchandise.

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When we meet someone, we tend to see them as if they’ve always been who they are in this moment. But we all have a story – a journey that’s led us to this person we’ve become (and continue becoming).

If you met me today, you’d be greeted by an optimistic, outgoing woman who lives life to the fullest, sees silver linings, finds creative solutions, and believes in magical thinking and the idea that dreams do come true.

It may come as a surprise to know that I previously spent much of my adult life battling crippling anxiety and depression. With help and guidance from teachers and health care practitioners (in both alternative and western medicine), I have been living a very different life for many years now.

These days I have the tools I need to live in a way that feels peaceful, hopeful, and happy most of the time. When difficulties arise I know how to navigate through them without falling back into hopelessness. I am beyond thankful to say that is an emotion I have not experienced in a very long time.

The path to healing is different for everyone. What worked for me may not be what’s best for someone else, but I believe we can help one another when we share our stories. It allows others to know that they are not alone. Seeing that someone else is on the other side of darker times can offer the hope that it is possible for them too.

So, this website is a place where I share my stories from the bright side (which can still involve challenges but always includes HOPE) because not only can life get better, it can even get great!


The homepage contains revolving public content that allows everyone to share in the journey.


In the magazine, subscribers can take a deeper look behind the scenes and enjoy the additional features, like exclusive song downloads, fresh playlists, and more.


The shop offers merchandise that brings the message right to your front door.

The magazine is published once a month. The date varies in order to allow the author flexibility for the “living” part. Once an issue is published it remains on the site for all of time, so you can read any issue you like as long as you have an active subscription. (Please note that the website rebuild required that I recreate all of the archived issues one-by-one, so they will be added back to the website over the next several weeks.)


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